The mind is not a cog in the machinery.
It is a friend.
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Over 180 million Indians, or 14 percent of the population, live with mental health issues. Many more suffer silently. Some are ashamed of seeking help. Some are afraid. Some cannot access the help they need.

MindTalk wants to change that. MindTalk is the help you can access, the help you need.

We do not see therapy as an emotional purge or the last resort at times of crisis. It is a journey, where each session is but a milestone.

We believe that with our team of leading mental healthcare professionals, this journey will culminate in healing and self-discovery.

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There is a lot happening in the world. Somehow, there’s more happening in your mind. We can help.


Roller coasters ought to be an amusement park ride; not a state of being. We can help. Learn more.


Sometimes, getting out of bed is an ordeal. We can help.

Relationship Issues

Contrary to pop culture wisdom, love is not always easy. And that’s okay. We can help. Learn more.

Sleep Disorder

Contrary to pop culture wisdom, love is not always easy. And that’s okay.
We can help.


Today's hustle culture has normalized constant stress. That's not the way it needs to be. We can help.

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Your mind contains multitudes. It might enjoy swimming, but also wish to spend the entire weekend on the couch. It might be a mathematical genius, but also write revolutionary poetry. How, then, can therapy be one-dimensional?

For too long, therapy has been a one-on-one affair, a series of fixed appointments between a “client” and their (one) therapist. At MindTalk, we believe this model is limited. Our multifaceted approach goes beyond talk therapy. It is designed to embrace your mind’s multitudes.

We recognise that healing happens between therapy sessions and not merely during them. At MindTalk, you will heal on your terms, through music, art, conversation, and introspection, with the help of a dedicated team of leading mental health professionals.


Picture someone that you have known for much of your life-- an old friend, perhaps, or a parent--but never really connected with them.

Until one day, in the midst of an honest conversation, you see them in a new light. Now you really know them.

We recognise that healing happens between therapy sessions, and not merely during them. With MindTalk, your healing journey will go beyond just the hour-long once-a-week talk therapy routine. You will heal on your terms, through music, art, writing and introspection.

Therapy with MindTalk is like that. For far too long therapy has been seen as a kind of emotional purge or as the last resort at times of crisis. But really, therapy is like that honest conversation. It is a way of getting to know your mind, of befriending it.

From Cadabams Group


MindTalk is the newest member of the Cadabam’s group, India’s largest chain of psychosocial rehabilitation centres.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as work and school have entered our homes, so have mental and emotional challenges. We at Cadabam’s, with over 30 years of experience in psychiatric care, recognise the need for promotive and preventive mental healthcare in a post-pandemic world. MindTalk is our way of helping.

MindTalk aims to revolutionise care for depression, anxiety, stress and relationship issues through our multidimensional approach to therapy.

From Cadabams Group

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